Jeff Bezos’ Self-Grooming Routine: The Diet, Rest, and Personal Trainer of Tom Cruise

Jeff Bezos performs a daily routine to stay fit and perform optimally. (Reuters/Cludag Kilcoin/file photo)

Billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, claims to live a privileged lifestyle This allows him Being physically and mentally fit to get the most out of your day Hard working in all his work.

Like other millionaires of stature Elon Musk or Bill GatesAlso, the former CEO of Amazon Arm your day to day with the goal of being as productive as possible, To be healthy, rested and well fed. However, unlike the aforementioned businessmen, the billionaire takes the days very calmly and He has no qualms about comforting when resting All you need.

And when it comes to physical exercise, the 59-year-old entrepreneur has an exercise routine supervised by Wes Oakersonthe staff who helped Tom Cruise To be in his best physical form for his movie roles.

Although Jeff Bezos is no longer CEO of Amazon, since April 2021 he handed it over to Andy Jassy, ​​former director of Amazon Web Services, the businessman remains very active in the companies he manages and on the board of directors of the aforementioned company. also He spends most of his time on other projectsLike the space race he’s already launched with his company Blue origin And he seeks to compete with Musk’s SpaceX or the giant Boeing.

The billionaire follows a strict diet and exercises with a personal trainer[Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports]

As he revealed at the Economic Club Forum in Washington, D.C., Bezos is very tough wise when making decisions That is why he spends many hours choosing the right person.

As CEO, you are paid to make a small number of important decisions. Its quality could be lower if you are tired or in a bad moodHe pointed out during the conference. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Jeff believes that it is important to take a few hours to think, get away from long working days, get enough rest, stop worrying about the future, and focus on concrete and immediate actions that can solve a problem in the future.

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in his autobiographical book Inventing and Getting Around: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos, the e-commerce genius shared a series of habits he had cultivated during his personal, family and business life, through which he was able to greatly increase his work performance and productivity, and at the same time, allowed him to clear the mind to do his work. The right decisions.

The Amazon founder now devotes his time to space company Blue Origin (Reuters/Isaiah J. Downing/File Photo)

Get up as early as possible

His routine is simple. To be able to have a clear mind Try to get up early. Although he did not reveal the exact time, he confirms that he is one of those who stay in bed for a long time.

Spend time with family

Although he gets up early, he doesn’t get down to business at the beginning of the morning, but instead He takes time for himself. He reads the newspaper, drinks coffee, and sometimes cooks breakfast for his family. Their specialty is pancakes with chocolate and blueberries. In addition, like Bill Gates, he also takes the opportunity to calm his mind by doing other household chores such as washing dishes.

Meetings start at 10

It’s from 10am when he schedules his first meetings of the day. The most important tasks are done before the meal, to be able to pay full attention and devote your maximum concentration. After that, try other, lighter challenges that don’t require as much effort.

Leadership Secrets Book by Jeff Bezos

Know when to rest

On the other hand, Bezos is well aware work fatigueSo not only does he plan his day to be productive in the morning, but whenever he needs to, he takes a break. “One day at five in the afternoon I was very tired and realized that I was unable to make a decision, so I asked to postpone the meeting until the next morning,” he says.

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Sleep eight hours

In order to get maximum energy, the businessman assures that he tries to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Prioritize comfort And sticking to his schedules is one of the most important points, so whenever possible, he goes to bed early. “Sometimes it’s impossible, especially when I’m traveling, but I’m so focused on it. I think I’m better, I have more energy and my mood is better, ”the businessman assures.

He also stated that as he and his company became very successful, he increasingly understood the importance of good sleep, especially for a high-profile CEO who regularly makes decisions with millions of dollars at stake.

Bezos wants to go to the moon with his space company (Reuters/Claudagh Killcoin/File Photo)

a A recent study conducted with 100 seniorsindicates that the exact number of sleep is Seven and a half hours. Along with the aforementioned research from the University of Washington Sleep Medicine Center, experts generally point to this between 7 and 8 hours It’s the perfect time to sleep.

He said, “If our goal is health, then we must achieve a healthy mind.” infobae Alejandro Anderson, neurologist and medical director of the Buenos Aires Institute of Neurology. “This requires: good nutrition, stress at physiological levels and, very important, sleep with good quality and quantity structure,” adds the neurologist. The expert noted that when we sleep, the nervous system continues to perform billions of operations while we sleep. Today, the common man has come to understand the importance of sleeping well for health and our quality of life.

physical exercise

The businessman also takes care of his physical shape with an exercise routine Together with strict My diet. Physically, Bezos focuses on low-impact, supervised strength and endurance training Wes OakersonAnd the professional that helped Tom CruiseAnd Gerard Butler and Isla Fisher To be in his best physical form for his movie roles.

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Okerson physical education teacher likes Low impact, high resistance exercisesLike rowing, incorporating weight training to build strength and endurance over time, and playing outdoor sports. In addition, she encourages her clients to run in the mountains or mountains, kayak and go surfing.

The billionaire is focused on the space travel that will be the future of transportation to the moon and Mars (REUTERS/Katherine Taylor/File Photo)

High protein diet

Regarding your diet, Bezos follows a diet rich in protein and healthy fats. He even has strange habits like having Mediterranean octopus for breakfast, with potatoes, ham, and green garlic yogurt. Okerson, his trainer, advocates the keto diet, which is based mostly on fats, moderate protein, and low carbs, so it would only make sense for Bezos to adopt a similar diet.

However, this was not always this way. In 2017, Bezos admitted that his diet was very unhealthy: he used to eat a whole bunch of processed cookies. “I’ve never read a nutrition label in my life; I just ate what I liked,” he revealed at the time. The businessman is also a devotee from time to time to fast food. In 2018, she posted a photo of her fingers smeared with the snack, writing, “I know…but oh my god I love Cheetos.” And in 2022, he shared a photo of himself eating a McDonald’s hamburger, with the caption: “My first job. Still the same great burger! Happy Sunday!”

After dinner, there’s a ritual the world’s richest man can’t escape: do the washing up. “I am absolutely convinced that this is the sexiest thing I do,” he said.

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