January was the month with the largest number of deaths due to Coronavirus in …

January is the month with the most coronavirus deaths in the United States. As of Tuesday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, 79,000 deaths from the Coronavirus have been recorded, beating the previous record, which was set in December, by more than 1,000.

In this bleak context, the new president, Joe Biden, will focus on the start of his term in fighting the pandemic: among other things, It plans to supply 1 million vaccines per dayThat is, it reaches 100 million in the first hundred days of administration. But he warned that “the harsh reality is that it will be months before we can vaccinate the majority of Americans.”

This is why using masks is so important. Realizing the need to prevent infection immediately, among the first measures he took upon assuming office, the US President included a decree to reinstate Mandatory use of masks on federal buildings.

Lack of vaccine

Since the start of immunization in the United States at the end of last year, countries have faced a problem that is repeating itself in different countries of the world: the lack of vaccines. On Tuesday, Jeff Zents, the coordinator of President Joe Biden, told the governors about it The dosing allocation will increase by about 16% from next week.

“We have to defeat (the virus) in Mississippi. We have finished burying loved ones who have gone missing because of this virus. We are done with stressful hospitals. We have finished with dreadful speeches about lockdowns and lockdowns. We are ready for the community again. We are ready for the community again.” Said Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, who 200,000 vaccines have been announced.

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The director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nirav Shah, acknowledged that he was “very encouraged” by the new presidential administration’s focus on immunization, but warned that the state was still experiencing a shortage of doses. “We know that the number of people who wish to get vaccinated now far exceeds our supply of vaccines.Lament.

In California, the final epicenter of the Coronavirus in the United States, there is growing concern about a new variant that would be linked to the various outbreaks that have occurred in Santa Clara County. In this sense, the director of public health in Los Angeles, Barbara Ferrer, warned of the spread of the virus without symptoms and insisted that it is necessary “Proceed with caution over the next few weeks.”He explained that in many sectors that have eased restrictions, a significant increase in cases has been detected and “we cannot afford that.”

For his part, Pfizer CEO Albert Burla tried to calm in the face of the global turmoil that caused the emergence of new changes in Brazil, the United Kingdom and South Africa, and confirmed that work is already underway to combat the unrest. With them. “We shouldn’t be afraid, but I think we should be prepared,” Burla said on Tuesday.

Schools open

Meanwhile, a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that with appropriate mitigation strategies, it is possible to open schools. He was among them Wearing masks, social distancing, and limiting time in shared outdoors.

In Ohio, Governor Mike Dwyane said his goal is for anyone working at a school to receive their first dose of vaccine in February, with the hope that all students will be back in class by March 1.

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Reopening schools has been a priority across the states, but local leaders have come close to returning in a number of ways: Of the 20 largest school districts in the country, 9 of them currently teach distance learning, and 8 offer an option to either be completely in-person or completely remote, 2 You have mixed plan and 1 plans differ based on infection rates.

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