James Webb: Never-before-seen details of Neptune have been revealed by NASA’s telescope

space telescope James Webb subordinate Container Surprise the world once again with its amazing imaging capabilities by sharing a beautiful photo of Neptune, its rings, and its moons this week.

The image sent by the powerful tool is not only sharper picture From the eighth and farthest planet in the solar system obtained in the past 30 years but also showing the ice giant in a whole new light.

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The most striking thing about this new photo is rings of the planet, some of which have not been discovered since NASA’s Voyager 2 photographed it as it passed Neptune in 1989.

Neptune, its rings and moons, in a new image sent by James Webb. (Image: NASA)

Heidi Hamill, a web scientist, said that she The rings of Neptune can be seen for the first time in infrared. The extremely accurate and stable image quality also allows detection of files Weakest space dust lanes orbiting the planet.

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The James Webb Space Telescope has revolutionized astronomy. Thanks to the modern image capture system through infrared lenses, this is now possible Observe distant celestial bodies in another way and in so far not revealed details.

In this case, Webb provided a file A new look at Neptune’s atmosphere. By removing all glare and background from the image, it is now possible to decipher the composition of the planet’s atmosphere.

Images of Neptune were taken by Voyager 2 in 1989, Hubble in 2021, and James Webb in 2022. (Photo: AP/NASA)
Images of Neptune were taken by Voyager 2 in 1989, Hubble in 2021, and James Webb in 2022. (Photo: AP/NASA)

In the above images captured by the famous Hubble telescope, Neptune appears dark blue due to methane in its atmosphere.

However, infrared lens wavelengths captured by the web’s primary imager, NIRCam, show the planet a grayish-white color, with icy clouds dotting the surface. a) yes, The rings reflect more clearly and are easier to see.

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According to the statement he shared, Containerthe obtained image shows a A beautiful and intriguing glow at the top of Neptune. This region, the North Pole of the planet, has not been well observed by astronomers until now, since Neptune was tilted away from the Earth, with an orbit of 164 years, and it was impossible to photograph.

Last but not least, in the picture it stands out Tritonthe largest moon of Neptune (larger than Pluto) and six other of the 14 satellites on the planet.

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