Jaime Duran Barba questioned the Together for Change campaign and stated that he had set up a “nursing home”

Jaime Duran Beard And on Friday he deepened his analysis of the PASO election result, emphasizing that Javier Mele represents “the new” and “the different”, and questioned the Together for Change campaign, particularly the one faced by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: “Established a nursing homeHe stated in remarks at CO+.

The political advisor indicated that he had had the opportunity to speak several times with the head of the government of Buenos Aires, and said that “it has many advantages,” but wondered that he had sought support from candidates and personalities who are part of the political class.

Duran Barba said, “One of the conditions for becoming president is that no one supports you.” + nationthe program hosted by Jose Del Rio and Pablo Rossi.

The political advisor critically observed the current state of the main opposition coalition in a context where Latin American voters are demanding “strangerspersonalities outside the traditional political parties.Together for Change has advanced a bit.detained.

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Jaime Duran Beard

He expanded:All Latin Americans are looking for the same thing: something different. That they have a horse and a hat as in the case of Peru (Pedro Castillo), or that they make speeches from the branches of trees (Gabriel Boric, Chile), or that they are strange. ) as part of this phenomenon.

In this context, he expressed that the leader of La Libertad Avanza represents “the change” in Argentina. “He is someone who thinks about something completely different, especially because of the shapes. And politics is now defined by politics and forms,” he deepened. He added that Mellie “has charisma, intelligence and charisma” as a political candidate.

Duran Barba identified the libertarian economist as a “right-wing populist”, although he noted that he was “an intelligent and well-read man”. “He’s not Castillo, he’s not Bolsonaro. He has another level,” he said.

However, he stated that Mailé fell into general acceptance when he wanted to be an “old politician” and sought alliances with traditional politics such as the nephew of Carlos Menem, in La Rioja, or Ricardo Bossi, in Tucuman. “He realized that the number was him and the rest didn’t matter,” he added.

As part of his analysis, he referred to the strategy of the head of government of Buenos Aires who lost in the PASO against Patricia Bullrich. Horacio Rodriguez Larita has many advantages. I spoke several times and criticized him. I told him, ‘Instead of campaigning, you’re setting up a nursing home.’Duran Barba said.

The Ecuadorian specialist explained that Rodriguez Larreta has the “advantage” of proposing “the only thing that can solve” Argentina’s problems, according to what he said: “dialogue”. “There is no way to reform labor law except by talking to the strongest trade union movement in the entire continent,” he said.

Patricia Bullrich with Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the basement of Juntos por el CambioFabian Marelli – The Nation

however, He blamed the head of government of Buenos Aires for “repeating” the “failed” experiment of Francisco de Narváez After winning the 2009 legislative elections. Duran Barba stated that the leader of the Unión Celeste y Blanco party won the ticket consisting of Nestor Kirchner, Daniele Scioli and Sergio Massa “when no one supported him” and only “with the support” of the people.

However, he maintained that De Narváez had an erratic attitude from that point on. “Then he wanted to be a president taking pictures with all the governors and mayors and important men,” he said.

Faced with the general election, the political consultant asserts that Together for Change, with Patricia Bullrich at the helm, is having some trouble. One is the shared agenda with the leader of La Libertad Avanza, and the other is the presence of former President Mauricio Macri in the campaign.

Doran Barba points out that Bullrich’s first problem is that “If it was positioned as Milei’s second brand, it would have been dumped”. “People will buy the first brand,” he said.

Meanwhile, he cited McCurry’s “massive hyperactivity” on his character as another factor to consider. Mauricio is a Pro, he has enormous merits, but in Argentina, especially after the disastrous experience of the Fernandez family in which a lady ruled using a puppet who made a fool of herself, [la gente] I don’t want that to happen again.” He specified: “They wouldn’t vote for Patricia if they thought she was Mauricio’s puppet.”.

In this context, the chancellor remarks that Bullrich should “gain independence” and declare that if she arrives at the Casa Rosada “she will be the boss”, and “not Mauricio’s employee”. “I say it sadly because I appreciate both of them so much,” he admitted.

On the other hand, he stated that the former security minister “cannot follow the message” of some leaders of the Together for Change organization, “a display of tragedy.” “There is no country in the world you can win by saying ‘Vote for me, because with me you will suffer more than now.that I would raise the prices of everything and take away the little bread left behind by the Kirchnerians, “he deepened.

Thus, he emphasized that the JxC candidate should promote “Optimistic talk“People want to be happy and have fun. We live in a fun society. If suffering is offered society drowns.”


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