Jaime Camil Vicente Fernández will be in an autobiographical series on Netflix

Rancheras will be broadcasting soon. After the success of Luis Miguel: The Series – 100%, it is not surprising that the platform wants to take advantage of the lives of the best known interpreters in Mexico. In this case it is Vicente Fernandez It has already been confirmed that the actor who will give life to the singer will be Jaime Camil, the star of the series, who has managed to establish himself as an actor and TV host in the United States.

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Via Twitter, Camille confirmed that he will play Vicente Fernandez in his autobiographical series that will tell his life. Not only that, he also shared his first photo featuring the character. The translator explained in a letter that this was the most important challenge of his career and he is very happy to have been given the responsibility of playing one of the great idols of the country:

Getting to know his life, his beginnings, his challenges and, in general, the difficult path he had to take to become what he is, makes me respect his perseverance even more, and it has generated a very strong sympathy and emotional connection with him. It became difficult to hold back tears when reading the scenarios, knowing all her unforgettable history and songs. The cultural and social impact of this figure is undoubtedly immeasurable.

Only a few weeks ago, several entertainment programs were able to confirm that the series had already begun filming in Hidalgo. However, the identity of the protagonist has remained a mystery, and several names have taken on rumors including that of Alejandro Spitzer. Finally, it has been confirmed that Camille will be playing the role of this new show which will definitely give something to talk about.

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Camille (pink handcuffs, All Inclusive: All InclusiveCoco – 97%) Mexico is best remembered for his TV series career. Probably the most famous of them ugliest beauty, regional adaptation of the classic Colombian television Yo soy Betty, la fea – 90% co-starred with Angelica Vale. In recent years, he has had one of the main roles in the show Jane the Virgin, a sitcom about a woman who is accidentally vaccinated. In it, he gave life to Rogelio, the father of the hero and an eccentric actor.

Fernandez will be next on a long list of Mexican musical personalities to receive an autobiographical offer. It seems that everything has begun Until I met you, about Juan Gabriel, who quickly gave way to programs about Jenny RiveraAnd Luis MiguelAnd selena And much more. Although not everyone has the same success or approval of the singer or their relatives for their stories.

In the case of this series, the Fernández family is known to be involved in the project, but it’s the first time that Netflix’s involvement has been mentioned. The series does not appear to have an official title yet, it is estimated that it will consist of more than 30 episodes, and it is not known whether it will be broadcast in one run or in several seasons. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how Camil Ranch sings as El Charro de Huentitán.

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