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Postcard from the beautiful islands of Ireland

Foreigners wishing to immigrate to Ireland will receive a large financial reward in dollars in return for settling and living in an area that is currently desolate due to the lack of population in its coastal area.

The Irish authorities revealed that they are willing to reward potential applicants with an amount ranging between $45,600 and an additional $22,000. A prerequisite is the renovation of the house in which you live, in case it deteriorates and prevents you from carrying out your daily life normally.

With the main goal of solving the problem of depopulation in one of the regions most chosen by its visitors, the government of the European country seeks to attract candidates interested in settling in its territory. What are the requirements?

What requirements must foreign applicants meet to immigrate to Ireland?

You must be less than 40 years old

To be a financial resident

Live for 15 years in the chosen home

Immigration policy for foreigners initiated by the nation belonging to the European Union, The goal was set to urbanize 20 islands located on the western coast of its surface. With their sights set on boosting their economy, they need to revitalize local tourism.

The offshore islands are part of the country’s heritage and are important to Irish culture. There are so far 30 archipelagos, which are separated by tides, not connected to the mainland by a causeway or causeway, have permanent residents throughout the year and are not privately owned.

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In this sense, they specify from the government’s website that “the ambition is for visitors to the islands to be able to continue to experience and appreciate the unique culture, heritage and ecological richness that they offer.”

What specific goals does Ireland plan to achieve through foreign immigration?

Revitalizing population levels on the islands

– Diversification of consular economies

– Improving health and wellness services

Empowering consular communities

Building a smart and sustainable future

The project promoted by the National Administration for Rural and Community Development aims to implement the program called “Our Living Islands”, Their registration will start on July 1, 2023 and will last for 3 years until 2026. Candidates who accept and fulfill the conditions of the said program will be on a land unrelated to the rest of the continent.

The main sectors are commerce, gastronomy, hospitality and tourism with vacancies in hotels, meeting rooms and restaurants. A multicultural destination, Ireland is innovating alternatives aimed at rejuvenation.

Be a former member of UK, English as well as Irish. It is one of the official languages, although it has a greater command of the former since the latter is only seen in rural towns. It is well known that nothing makes learning a language easier than living in an Anglo-Saxon destination where it is spoken as their mother tongue, and it is in this that Ireland stands out from other Eurozone countries such as Germany.

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