Jorge Lanata’s controversial proposal involving the entertainment world

In March 2020, angel brito s Susana Rocasalvo They made a scandal that ended in justice. The LAM driver rocked with his teammate and later pointed out that his sayings were a joke. However, she did not believe him at all. “If you ask me which one will stay between Susana Rocasalvo and Viviana Canossa…. I can tell you who. I’ve stayed with Canossa all my life because Rocasalvo is bullshit”he indicated the caller at the time.

On his controversial comment, today he noted: “The next day I told Susanna, in case it had bothered her, that it was a joke. What’s more, I made the same joke when ping-pong was Real or Ventura. And in each case we laughed. But you see, Roccasalvo was so bored and she sued me for these.” the case “.

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