IRBLleida spreads science through the 6,250 bags that it will distribute to Lleida companies

Introducing the importance of research, knowledge and scientific communication is the goal of the campaign science paper From the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute. An initiative in which this organization will distribute 6,250 recycled paper bags, with informative messages validated by scientists, among the Lleida companies that join the proposal so that they can later be distributed to the public. Messages like “Vaccines do not cause allergies or asthma” or “Cancer, AIDS or diabetes cannot be cured with lemons or bicarbonates” are some of the messages that make up the five bag models out there.

Everything has been validated by scientists from the University of Oviedo, who developed this campaign in 2020 and which, now, IRBLleida is adapting in Catalan in collaboration with La Paeria and trade associations. “Our goal is for people to know what IRBLleida and research are and that the messages they get are scientifically validated,” explained the institute’s director, Eva Lopez. Likewise, Paeria’s trade advisor, Marta Gesbert, noted that with this initiative, “we’re bringing scientific knowledge to small businesses, which is Lleida’s DNA.”

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