The Ministry of Science has begun the process of transferring to the authorities of the new government

Ministry of Science’s photo

This happened Tuesday The first official meeting between the Minister of Science, Andrés Cove and Under Secretary Carolina Torrealba with their successors in the future government, Flavio Salazar and Carolina Ginza, respectively, As part of the process of transferring information between the current administration and Gabriel Borek, who will head it from March 11.

“We met for the first time with the upcoming authorities in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation. It was a very friendly meeting where We mainly dealt with administrative issues and budget issues as the first discussion about the transfer of this first science ministry And how it is conceived as a state policy so that research, innovation and entrepreneurship contribute to the well-being of the people and the future of our country,” said the current head of the portfolio.

For his part, the incoming Minister, Flavio Salazar, noted, “We are very grateful to both Minister Kofi and Under Secretary Torrealba for the way in which we have been provided with relevant information, and for the discussions and conversations that go along with being able to understand and take over this ministry in the future. This is a new ministry to have.” Challenges implemented and others in full development, therefore, Understanding the complexities and difficulties as well as the opportunities will mean that we are better able to meet the challenges that come our way in the short term“.

Finally, Carolina Ginza, who will take the lead in the Undersecretary for Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, emphasized that “we will be able to carry out collaborative work in which we hope to place research in all areas of knowledge — science, science, social sciences, arts and humanities — in an important place for a model development that I proposed to promote.”

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As stated in the meeting, The meetings will continue on Wednesday, February 23, to discuss the programmatic issues and initiatives that have been promoted since the establishment of the ministry..


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