iPhone 14 will be sold in eSIM version only in the US

about a week ago Apple officially introduced the iPhone 14. The new generation of phones from the American company leaves us with many new features, such as the use of an eSIM. An earlier step taken by the company to stop using the physical SIM card. In the US, this version with a physical SIM will not make it to stores.

iPhone 14 will be sold in eSIM version only in the US

It’s a risky decision on the part of Apple, which is clearly sticking with this eSIM.

Only with an eSIM

iPhone 14 version with eSIM It has a number of advantages over paper. On the one hand, it takes up less space in the phone, since there is no physical card now, it can contribute in the future to having a higher capacity battery in the device. In addition, now the user does not have to go to the store in person to change or activate the SIM card. But it can be done from home.

in the rest of the world, The phone was released in two versions, as is already known. Users will be able to purchase the more traditional model, with a physical SIM, or the latest model with an eSIM. Although in many cases it depends on whether your carrier supports this type of SIM, since this is not always the case.

These are the iPhone 14 prices in Spain

It will be interesting to see if the company will leave this decision to us in the next generation of phones, to get rid of the physical SIM and sell only models with eSIM. At least in the US with iPhone 14 it will be like that. It remains to be seen if this will have an impact on the sales of this new range of phones.

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