Bitcoiner will be the leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

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Canada’s Conservative Party elects a pro-Bitcoin enthusiast named Pierre Poilifri as the party’s leader.


  • Bitcoiner will be the leader of the Canadian Conservative Party
  • Pierre Poilifri won the race for the lead with a landslide victory
  • It plans to make Canada the “Blockchain Capital of the World”.

Bitcoin and the crypto world are becoming more firmly entrenched in politics. And here’s the latest news: Canada’s Conservative Party (CPC) has been elected to the Ontario Parliament in favor of-bitcoin, Pierre Poilevry, leader of the new party on Saturday.

Poilievre won more than 68% of the Conservative vote, far ahead of his closest challenger, former Quebec Prime Minister Jean Charest, who only managed to get 16% of the total vote. Poilievre not only dominated the vote count but was also the favorite in nearly every electoral district in Canada, he said. Coindisk.

He wants to be president

As the new leader of the People’s Congress Party, Bolivar incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now set to run for Canada’s highest seat in the 2025 federal election. This means Canadians can have a chance to vote and elect a prime minister. Be new to the country.

“The government is destroying the Canadian dollar, so Canadians should be free to use other money, like bitcoin.”Poilievre said earlier this year.

Poilievre was a defender of bitcoin, So go so far as to buy a shawarma Bitcoin in London Tahina during his leadership campaign.

With bitcoins in the wallet

In addition, he has, according to Coindesk, at least $10,000 in BTC that he is holding. the purpose Canadian publicly traded fund bitcoin, According to his political revelations.

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but not only Bitcoinalso advocates technology, and in this regard he said:

“I want to make Canada the Blockchain capital of the world.”

Likewise, like many people in the crypto ecosystem, Poilievre is a critic of fiat currency. He has spoken out against the Bank of Canada for failing to tame hyperinflation. He also promised that as prime minister he would fire the central bank governor, review the bank’s activities, and halt development of the central bank digital currency (CBDC).

“The Bank of Canada has no business developing its own digital currency. As PM [Primer Ministro]They will drop that and instead allow the Auditor General to audit their failure to print the $400 billion money.” Poilievre tweeted a few months ago.

Sources: coindeskAnd the cbc, Twitterarchive file

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