Integrative medicine, the greatest complement to traditional medicine

Integrative medicine aims to improve the health of patients through non-traditional therapies such as serum therapy, ozone therapy, neurotherapy, acupuncture, mindfulness, functional nutrition, psychological support, yoga or meditation, among others. In addition, it is effective against all kinds of diseases, whether it helps in the healing process or in healing.

The treatments that make up integrative medicine in clinical practice have been combined with prior scientific analysis of their effectiveness and evidence.

The World Health Organization has combined the terms “traditional medicine” and “complementary medicine” to define and include all procedures involving these practices and the professionals who practice them. It also approved a strategy for the years 2014-2023 in favor of the integration of traditional and complementary medicines.

Integrative medicine is a practice that recognizes that the “whole” is more than the sum of its parts, and from this point of view, what the WHO is looking for through this amalgamation is that treatments be more individualized to alleviate not only existing diseases but contribute to psychosocial well-being who is also affected by it.

Treatments that include integrative medicine have been around for many years and help solve or improve many ailments such as joint pain, gastritis, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, depression, stress and obesity, among others, without causing any harm or side effects during the procedures throughout the treatment.

According to Dr. Paula Andrea Losada, who specializes in alternative therapies and with a focus on functional medicine at Cardiovascular Foundation of ColombiaThe most relevant or widespread are acupuncture, homeopathy and neural therapy, which generally help relieve such ailments as headaches, gastrointestinal diseases and mental illnesses.

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Losada concludes, “The idea of ​​integrative medicine is for patients to receive complete treatment through non-traditional or alternative methods, especially for those diseases whose symptoms cannot be completely treated by conventional methods.”

In Bedequista, exactly in the basement 1 of International Specialized CenterHave been found FCV Integrative Medicine Servicewhich has highly trained specialists, is ready to provide comprehensive care in its modern and comfortable facilities, equipped with the latest technology, always thinking of improving the health and quality of life of patients.

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