Instagram adds ads in two sections that haven’t shown ads yet: What are they

Meta made the decision to merge Ads in Instagram Reels . section Over the past year with 30-second promotional videos, the company will continue to expand advertising on its platform through the Explore section and even in user profiles.

Ads appeared in the Explore section as soon as the user opened any of the suggested posts, but what’s new is that now It will be displayed among all recommended functionsas reported by various media.

This is what the ads look like on the Instagram Explore tab.

also, Advertising may also reach user profiles, one of the sections that is currently still ad-free. From Instagram they confirmed that a “global test” is being conducted to show commercial posts among a user’s posts when they are viewed individually.

That is, ads It will not be displayed directly in the profile picture and video grid, which is known as nutrition. An important fact is that the content creators will be able to earn extra income thanks to these profile ads.

AI and Augmented Reality Advertising

Instagram also announced that it will feature AI-powered ads. They explained about this feature: “When someone expresses their commercial intent by interacting with an ad, we give them more ads than other companies that may be of interest to them, thanks to machine learning.”

“Through a large-scale study, we found that adding ads from multiple advertisers to campaigns improved efficiency in incremental conversions per dollar spent,” they added.

The social network is testing advertising through augmented reality to increase engagement.

The Augmented Reality Ads (AR) is also a proposition of the social network, having recently launched an open beta of AR ads available for Stories and Reels.

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