In the absence of a GoldenEye 007 remake, a fan recreated the legendary game using the Far Cry 5 editor

Regarded as one of the best shooters in history, the classic Nintendo 64 revives it in the most curious of ways.

Many of you probably have fond memories of Golden eyes 007, one of the most beloved games on the Nintendo 64. It’s true that the James Bond adventure has seen a weird adaptation over the years, but there are many who would like a new version of the legendary shooter with a sharper finish. The gameplay is more typical of the current era. For this reason, there are already those who have brought “justice into their own hands” and have used the resources to achieve it at home.

The scenarios are roughly traced to those in the classic Rare gameWe can see it on Krollywood’s YouTube channel. This user was inspired by the game of Rare and recreated his missions to be practically identical to those of GoldenEye 007, using the Far Cry 5 level editor. The result, as you can see in the video we left, is a real pass, and using the comparative sequences we can see how it follows. This fan must have been very upset when he found out about it Far Cry 6 will not have a level editor.

This is not the first time the community has been inspired by GoldenEye 007 to honor it in various ways. We have already seen Something similar to Far Cry 3 editor A few years ago, or so Adapted to virtual reality thanks to the advantages of Half Life Alyx.

To keep the torch of the British spy alive, we remind you that it is under development Project 007, a new licensed killing game developed by IO Interactive, likely a trilogy. Although for the time being we will have to wait for new details and, above all, whether it will come close to the legendary N64 game.

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