Felipe VI, Sanchez and Rebelo de Sousa sponsor Spain and Portugal for the 2030 World Cup

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Friendly match between Spain and Portugal This Friday in Wanda Metropolitano This is not just another exhibition match to prepare for the next matchمباراة EurocopBut it has a lot of meaning behind it. It symbolizes the union of two football powers and two countries in their nomination to celebrate World football coup 2030.

In this way, the match faced by the two teams also serves to unite the two countries and bring them together in the first act of the Iberian candidate in one of the most important stadiums of the previous project, the Wanda Metropolitano, the most modern and developed stadium that exists on the national territory.

An important political representation of both countries came to this party to provide stronger support for this nomination. On the part of Spain, being in the box for . was King Philip VI and head of government Pedro Sanchez. Together, they will connect and enhance the country’s image as a force for running. The Minister of Sports is also present Jose Manuel Rodriguez Oribes and the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida.

King Felipe VI and Pedro Sanchez together in one business

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For its part, Portugal also affirms its full support for this first act in the presence of its President, Rebelo de Sousaand his prime minister, Antonio Costa. The Real Spanish Football FederationIn cooperation with the Portuguese Federation, this match was organized with great effort in order to bring together the senior officials of the two countries to make this meeting the first official act of the Iberian nomination.

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Support will be comprehensive and maximal on all fronts from then on Luis Rubiales He will be accompanied in the main fund and by Your Majesty King Philip, in addition to having motivation from other organizations such as Professional Football League. In this way, the Royal Spanish Football Federation is anticipating a resounding success in what will also be the return of the public to the elite stadiums in Madrid.

The presence of all the authorities responds to the need for the support of the project between the federations of Spain and Portugal, as the competition with the other major European nomination being prepared is as promising as possible. between the two will be UEFA Who must take sides before the final elections you hold FIFA.

hard battle

The biggest competitor to the Iberian project is the candidacy that English football nations have formed since then تشكل England se a ScotlandAnd the sittingAnd the Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to implement your project. As Pedro Sanchez shows his support for this project led by Spanish football, and English Football Association It also has the approval of its Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a press conference.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a press conference.

There are still a few years for the decision to be announced, because it is scheduled to take place in 2024, when the conference will meet with its 211 members to choose the venue that will host the FIFA World Cup in 2030. The first problem presented in Europe is that the plans of the Federation UEFA is to submit a single nomination, in which first some kind of cut-off between UEFA projects has to be made. United kingdom Spain and Portugal candidacy. However, it is not yet one hundred percent confirmed that the two will reach the end if it is considered by the highest European body as well.

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In any case, the bids that make it to the final round and which will be subject to UEFA scrutiny will have to compete with other major projects to be put up. One can be in South American football with a union ArgentinaAnd the UruguayAnd the Paraguay s ChileAnd more of them could come Asia, With China In the head, or from some Arab countries.

Luis Rubiales plays a lot in this project, one of his great goals after being re-elected as President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and in this first presentation, he has already received maximum institutional support from both the Government of Spain and the Government of Spain. Portugal Republic.

historical work

Rubiales was the one responsible for opening the event with a few words. After a commemorative video, the president of the federation began: “Portugal and Spain, the sister nations, played one of their first matches in more than 100 years. This federation, more than a federation, is a merger. I want to thank the Sports Ministers of Spain and Portugal, we will be a great team. I want To send a message to all the federations in the world, if they give us their trust, they will find a great experience. And I want to tell FIFA about that. The success of Spain and Portugal will be your success too.”

Later, the President of the Portuguese Federation took the word: “Today we signed our commitment between Spain and Portugal, champions of the last three European football championships. Two countries that used to organize large-scale events. 1992 Olympics The organization in Spain is still in everyone’s memory, like the European Championship organized by Portugal in 2004. A year ago, Spain and Portugal arrived in Europe in the midst of a pandemic to organize the World Cup. Champions Male and female, a week ago Portugal and the city Harbor They did it with the end Champions League For the second year in a row.

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“Organizing the World Cup is something that both countries deserve and they tried to achieve in 2010 without success. We will fight to correct that and for the World Cup to be held in the Iberian region. To be here today at this ceremony. Before all the authorities and before the Spanish Federation is an honor and a responsibility to win, with respect Everyone always. We want to join forces to create the largest sports project in the world. We are united by one voice.”

After two speeches, the presidents of the Spanish and Portuguese federation signed an agreement between the two organizations to submit a joint candidacy. A government support agreement was also signed between the governments of Spain and Portugal, according to which they gave their consent to organize the World Cup in both countries. The event concluded with an exchange of gifts between the authorities of the two states, where the shirts of the two national teams were distinguished.

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