Like Rocky Balboa: The cashier defended himself from the customer’s spitting and firing him. Recording

This week saw a group of Walmart customers in Englewood, Colorado, USA brutal confrontation Between the consumer and the employee in the middle of the day.

As can be seen in a video recorded by the cell phone camera, one of the people who were among the gondolas, an angry man, was wearing black shorts, a brown shirt and a hat, cashier crammed From the famous chain opposite one of the shelves of merchandise and started hitting him.

In addition to paying him and giving the employee a few hits with a supermarket monkey, you can see in the pictures that the customer He spat violently in his face.

However, cashier Who was wearing the blue blazer from Walmart, He defended himself from the fierce attack with a punch بل who went straight to the head of a heavy type man, and like a professional boxer, Throw him out and put him on the ground.

During the confrontation there were some brave witnesses who tried to stop the fighting but to no avail. To this day, it is not known what reasons provoked the anger of the client who decided to take the fight to the pineapple.

It is expected that the conflict began because of Urging the customer employee to respect any of the company’s health proceduresAnd the Like wearing a mask. Meanwhile, the events that were recorded on video and spread very quickly on social networks, causing all kinds of reactions among Internet users.

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Also, the series Walmart has not issued a statement To utter the assaults, not knowing what is the status of the employee who defended himself or the attacker.

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