In aesthetic medicine, there are 15 licensed specialists in the province

July 10, 2023 – 12:26 PM

In the face of various debates about plastic surgery and intrusion into medicine because of a condition Silvina Lunapresident Medical College of Catamarca Pick up the gauntlet and affirm that complaints must not be a “bullet in the air” and must be brought responsibly to justice.

he Dr. Mauricio Figueroa They chatted with Ancasti Central Morning Radio He pointed out that this is “an issue that we have been clearing up for a long time because of the irregularities that occur in daily practice.”

He said that “some of them (irregular or illegal issues) have to do with exercise without registration. Others meddling with medicine, people advertising not just for aesthetics but for other branches of medicine.”

And when they give or suspect someone practicing medicine in Catamarca without the enabling address, Figueroa noted, the complaint is lodged in the criminal justice system and they don’t have the “expected response.”

“With the case of Silvina Luna, everything has become more media focused, which makes all of us, society, and especially professional associations, think about how to craft better regulation and oversight.”

He stressed that “plastic and reconstructive surgery is a medical specialty” that is accessed after you have certain academic training, and previously you had to be a general surgeon, do training, residency, postgraduate courses, etc., and you can access this specialty. He said. “Aesthetic medicine is confused with plastic surgery, as it is a medical practice authorized by the Faculty of Medicine.”

In this sense, he noted, “the Faculty of Medicine has 37 practices, as do all vocational colleges” and that these are “qualifications Experts comment One can access from various branches of medicine”, and thus the basic requirement “is to be a doctor to develop a particular activity and obviously the institution that enables it is a medical school”.

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Notice that “In Aesthetic Medicine there are 15 qualified professionals in the county, with 13 current and two in defunct practices.”

In addition, he referred to statements in the various media of a professional who “caused the alarm of the community,” which he does not share in.

“Knowing the regulatory framework of the institution, we do not aim for it to be done by just anyone. If someone is aware that someone else is doing it and has the necessary evidence, they should report it to the court,” Figueroa explained.

“People should be informed, and insist on the person who will provide a service. This professional says that he knows that people are carrying out activities in secret places or that they are carrying out practices that have nothing to do with what they are prepared for. One invites a colleague to know that with responsibility it is up to doctors to provide The complaint is in a judicial unit so that letters are sent on the matter and the Doctors Syndicate automatically becomes the complainant,” stated Dr. Figueroa.

He was outspoken in saying that “complaints cannot be general, but must be made against particular persons with certain evidence that the judge will later decide whether or not they are relevant” and that “certain persons have been negligent” in not making complaints that correspond. He summed up: “Throwing a bullet in the air like this and letting it land where it falls, it doesn’t have to be like that.”

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In aesthetic medicine, there are 15 licensed specialists in the province.

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