“I wear two pants, one of which quickly freezes everything”

While many people choose paradise areas for their vacation, others choose to get away from the sun and go to places that The temperatures are much lower than in Chile.

Away from the beaches, the tan, the sun and all the spices of the chef Yan Even went to Montreal, one of the largest and most important cities in Canada To spend a few days.

In this place we live a harsh winter Freezing temperatures that force the last parts of the body to wrapAlthough the chef said he was enjoying the view.

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In an interview with latest newsThis was confirmed by the previous jury of important TV shows such as Ui Chef “Someone is already used to the cold. In a part of Quebec (the farthest north of the country) it was minus 42 degreesBut here it is much warmer.

Referring to what will be a little “Warmer,” Evin explained, “on Tuesday in Montreal we had -33 degrees,” Although this is not an obstacle for everyone to go out to carry out their activities.

“That day, I took pictures of myself, and it was a very silly thing I did: How do you take off your gloves and reveal a little, Within 10 seconds your fingers and face will freeze. He commented on it.

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The businessman and restaurateur also emphasized how important it is to keep warm. “The extremities should be greatly protected: the head, legs, hands and feet. this is the most important. The clothes one wears should be of goose, which tolerate cold well.”

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That is why he admitted it “I wear two pants, because with one you freeze everything in there quickly. Shoes are also very important, they have to be very good. I think, yes, here you have to accept the cold, and you end up getting used to it.”

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