“I was injected with a third chip today.”

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Britain’s Andy Murray You have already received your third dose of the coronavirus vaccine. The 34-year-old British tennis player shared it on social networks. Capitalizing on its popularity with over 3.5 million followers on platforms like Twitter, has drawn irony to end the anti-vaccine campaign. It didn’t take long for the letter to go viral and other great faces have reacted to its defense of science.

Everyone who was a two-time champion Wimbledon He wanted to add some humor to the vaccination process. “They injected me My third chip todayAnd he wrote in his official account to immediately and in the same message support the universal vaccination of the entire population.I’m kidding. Science is the best. Thanks to the scientists, thanks to the doctors and health workers for the wonderful work they are doing,” the English tennis player admitted.

The tweet did not go unnoticed and elicited tens of thousands of positive reactions. Some famous names in tennis such as Andy Roddick. The person who was one of the biggest advocates of American tennis with his partner Brooklyn Decker, joked the same way Murray did. “I wonder if our third chips can send signals to each other,” the model wrote. “It depends on which chip you have,” Roddick continued.

Murray’s letter, along with the jokes, mentions another superstar athlete’s participation in the vaccination process. percentage of population Who received any doses in the UK close to 77% And gestures like those made by an English tennis player can help impress even the most hesitant, especially in heat wave relative to the omicron.

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The ATP, where Andy Murray is still active, has not made the vaccination mandatory for participation in the ring and it all depends on each tournament. In the case of the British, they got the three doses for COVID-19 I would have no problem competing on any of the given dates.

Djokovic, great pointed

Andy Murray’s message in favor of vaccination contrasts with the silence of the currently ranked world number one, Novak Djokovic, who chose not to take a stand either for or against vaccinations. The Serbian tennis player was defending individual freedom so that every citizen, and especially in the case of athletes, decides whether to get any doses.

However, the stance he took in some moments that saw the pandemic spread even more while celebrating special heroics, brought him closer to the most anti-vaccine assumptions. The big winner in 2021 did not specify whether he had been vaccinated and his presence remained in Australia, where vaccination in this way is required on the air, despite the confirmation of the championship itself.

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