I used a thong as a chin strap

American got an airport He wears a feminine red thong instead of his corresponding face mask, and it makes sense that he was kicked off the plane. The funny situation caused a scandal in Flight and varied Passengers They decided to come down as a sign of staff support.

The unusual event was recorded by cell phone, showing the United Airlines crew facing the instigator, known as Adam Jane, who was wearing underwear covering his nose and mouth while waiting for his flight from Fort Lauderdale to Washington to take off. “You will have to get off the plane. A flight attendant told him we won’t let you travel, and he explained that he doesn’t “comply with the mask”. As a result, the Florida native left the seat and withdrew from the plane.

A passenger wearing a red thong as a face mask is taken off a plane in Florida

After the semi-humorous event spread, NBC2 interviewed Jane and confirmed that the thong she used was within legal guidelines, as well as noting that it did not comply with the rule requiring passengers to wear masks. He also said that his expulsion caused many people to leave the plane as a sign of solidarity.

In the photo above, the young man has compared himself to the African-American “Rosa Parks”, the icon of the civil rights movement, who was remembered for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Alabama in 1955, during the years of greater apartheid. conflicts.

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