Conservative and Ómicron electoral defeat marks the week in the UK

Local elections have been called to choose a replacement for Conservative MP Owen Patterson, who resigned his seat in the British Parliament after it was revealed he used the position to pressure companies that paid him for his services.

The Patterson case hit Johnson squarely because the president initially tried to avoid a strict parliamentary inquiry, but the angry response from the rest of the lawmakers, including many of his followers of religion, forced him to back off.

Subsequent disclosures of MPs collecting overtime pay, in some cases without it, and revelations that Downing Street employees held Christmas parties in full quarantine last year also eroded the popularity of the governor, who has fallen behind leader Keir Starmer in opinion polls. .

The lid was put on by the mutiny of 98 Conservative lawmakers who voted this week against the government’s decision to require vaccination certificates at the entrance to nightclubs and mass shows, as part of measures to try to stem the spread of the alternative Omicron.

The decision eventually overcame parliamentary scrutiny, but thanks in large part to the support of the Labor Party, which Starmer took advantage of to publicly question Johnson’s leadership.

After Thursday’s defeat in North Shropshire, there is speculation that some of the prime minister’s followers in Parliament could promote a no-confidence movement which, if successful, would force him to resign as party and nation chairman.

The arrival of the Omicron variant of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus has not given respite to Johnson, who has had to put back many social restrictions to try to prevent the new wave of the pandemic from overtaking the National Health Service, already for now. . Yes very stressful.

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Among the measures, the mandatory use of a mask in public transportation, banks, stores and other closed places, remote work and uncommon vaccination passports.

The government also chose to move forward with the booster dose application for all adults already fully vaccinated, after learning that Micron, in addition to being more transmissible than any other variant, could escape the protection offered by the recommended injections so far.

Despite this, positive cases of Covid-19 rose in the past three days to exceed 93,000 infections the previous day, the highest number in the entire epidemic, so it is not excluded that the authorities will have to impose a new closure on the day. The beginning of the years.


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