Pepe Mujica’s dire predictions on the world after COVID-19

In the midst of the crisis that South America is going through due to COVID-19, the former President of Uruguay, Jose “Baby” Mojica And he expressed his opinion on the current situation in the region The various measures that can be taken to stop the virus and how the world will end after the epidemic. “The world will emerge worse from the epidemic,” he said.

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In a conversation with Volver Mejor, in Radio detection, Mujica emphasized that the epidemic will come out worse because of “the number of deaths, secondly because of the economic disaster and the third because those who will pay the worst are the weakest.” In this sense, he confirmed that in his last conversation with Alberto Fernandez, he told him: “What a joke, my brother. In addition to the economic crisis, the issue of the epidemic rests on his shoulders.” On the other hand, he added, “There are times when you have to dance with the ugliest. You have to sympathize with the president. He needs the support and tolerance of his people.”

Regarding the care measures, Mujica emphasized: “It is impossible to get along with everyone, especially when you commit ‘shame’ by putting your hand in the pockets of those who have so much to alleviate social inequality.” He added that, looking at Argentina, what frightened him was “the degree of ferocity of the contradiction.” He added in this regard: “One thing is difference and another thing is to create an obstacle as if we are different creatures.”

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With regard to the various elections and the political situation of the region, Mujica was extremely cruel: “They say cities are not wrong, and I disagree. They are built by humans and humans tend to make mistakes. Sometimes they decide long-term things they run against their interests. What happened. In Brazil it has a lot of that. “

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