I can’t take it anymore with these kids

But there was a phrase that infuriated her, her boss told her: “The education in the country should not be very good, so they should not speak so much English.”

In view of this, Camila quipped: “Those who are not taught are those who speak Spanish in a country where that is the official language and not you who expect to be spoken to in English in the Dominican Republic.”

Later, the young woman assumed that the Dominicans must have done it on purpose because Americans always have the “You speak English to me because I speak English” attitude.

“Of course, we are idiots, the burritos are all Latin Americans who supposedly don’t speak English in our Spanish speaking countries. I am 100% in favor of not speaking to gringos in English, even if you know how to speak it.”

Argentine Yankee coach

Among the thousands of comments the video garnered, one could read: “Learn from France, where if you don’t speak French, they won’t speak to you,” said one user; “As a teenager, I went to France and I was muttering ‘chocolate brownie, what does it sound like in English?'” And the baker said to me, “No, not English,” another girl added. Another user said, “I work in Italy, and one day an American got mad at my boss because she spoke to her in Italian, not English.”


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