How to turn a cell phone into a router to connect devices to the Internet outside the home

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There are three ways. To take advantage of this option, it is necessary to have a mobile data plan.

In the middle of an intense day, due to a technical failure or coverage issue, this can happen WiFi connection get off my face to get out of trouble with mobile data Can supply Laptops, tablets and TVs. next one, How to turn a cell phone into a file mobile router.

The prerequisite is that you have a file 4G plan. Some providers, such as Personal, offer a service called WIFI PASS that allows you to get an extra gigabyte without consuming plan data.

If you go to a farm on the weekend, you can use your phone to supply other teams. Those who have an internet and mobile line in the same company have 5 GB free per month.

If you want to watch streaming movies or work without restrictions, you can rent a 30-day plan with a capacity of 30GB, a weekly plan can go up to 20GB and there is another 72-hour plan with a capacity of 10GB.

Turn your cell phone into a WiFi router: The most used method

The phone offers three types of connections.

Depending on what hardware one will have, from a mobile phone, there Three connection methods: via Wi-Fi, via bluetooth or via a USB cable.

For any of the three variables, it is important to have a file mobile phone battery Well charged or there is a plug nearby. If you have an old cell phone, you can insert your SIM card there and use it as a router.

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The most recommended option is to create a Wi-Fi network that can be detected by devices around you. Its advantage is that it achieves a wider spectrum though Requires modification of settings.

The first thing will be to go to Settings and click on the Network and Internet section. Depending on each manufacturer and its layer of customization, it may have a different name.

Once in this section, you will have to click on the Mobile Hotspot option which can also be set as Wi-Fi Zone or Connection Sharing.

In order for other objects to recognize this network, you will have to give it a name or SSID and set a password. This same key must be entered in all Devices one intends to connect.

How to enter the password and network name.
How to enter the password and network name.

So that it is not easy to guess, it is necessary that the set include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Regarding the recommended length, The minimum is 8 characters and 12 characters are indicated.

The next thing will be to choose the range to display. All devices can be connected to 2.4GHz because it is the most acceptable frequency. It has a better support distance and a speed much lower than 5GHz.

In contrast, the 5 GHz band has a higher connection speed and shorter distance than the 2.4 GHz bands.

Once configured to activate it, you will have to tap Share data over Wi-Fi. To connect other equipment, on a mobile phone, The data icon must be on.

Turn your cell phone into a WiFi router via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is ideal for use over short distances.  shutterstock photos.
Bluetooth is ideal for use over short distances. shutterstock photos.
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This option consists of sharing the Internet from one device to another using a Bluetooth dongle. It will work in a similar way to Wi-Fi, although it has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage is the creation of a more limited circuit, because the range is smaller: it is limited to a maximum of 5 meters. This will make it possible to increase security, since the intruder must be in the same room.

Another pro point is that it will require fewer configuration rolls. It’s easier to activate and in seconds the connection is enabled.

The biggest drawback is that Bluetooth is a protocol Much slower than Wi-Fi. It will be more limited and not ideal for streaming videos or downloading files.

In addition to speed, latency will also be affected. It is important that the ping is as low as possible. This can affect a video call, an online game, or just browsing.

Turn your cell phone into a WiFi router via USB cable

If there is only one device, a cable may be the best solution.
If there is only one device, a cable may be the best solution.

If the intention is to provide a laptop or tablet, then the connection via a USB cable is most practical. The charging cable that came with the phone may work. If the computers are new, you can take advantage of USB-C on both ends.

Once paired, in Windows, the phone will appear in My Computer along with all other connected devices.

Most phones allow you to control all incoming information, from replying to messages, editing photos, and processing files, from your computer screen.

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In the event that there are several computers waiting for an Internet signal, it will be necessary to search for mobile routers with which a SIM card is inserted.

Most basic hardware is similar to a flash drive. They are connected to the USB port on the device and About 4 thousand pesos.

For those looking for something more advanced, other models are mid-size boxes, much like repeaters, that include several Ethernet ports for computers. It is wireless though plugged into an outlet. It costs 10,000 pesos.

By placing a SIM card inside your 4G or 5G router, you can create a wireless network through which you can also connect different devices without relying on fiber optics or ADSL.


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