They announced his salary increase and he was excited, but he soon learned the truth: “Shame”

A woman named Lauren, who is a US citizen, told her TikTok account (@laurenleo0), a story that started very positively and ended with an unexpected outcome. As it happens on working days and in the daily routine of fulfillment Suggested goals by each companyemployees are immersed in this storm, to the point of automating their movements.

On this occasion, and as part of the putative HR initiative, Lauren received a hopeful email with information about a salary increase to reward productivity. from the staff. However, it turns out that everything April Fools’ Day joke In the country of North America (which is celebrated in April). The young woman, four months later, Leave work.

His story, which has collected about 140 thousand views, has surpassed thanks to a hashtag and a slogan that seeks to combine them. The most “toxic” situations in the workplacethe question Lauren shared at the beginning of the clip: “What’s the most toxic thing your team leader has told you at work?”

We announced a salary increase and he was excited, but he soon learned the truth

I have a good anecdote about her,” she continued before recounting The email he got, which seemed like great news but was just a bad joke.

“The email has been sent to our team. They thanked us for our hard work and made it clear to us that they would give us a raise in our salary. This was because the group was working hard and covering the staff shortage. Next toAnd the We were getting low salaries‘ the young woman explained.

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At the end of the statement is signed by a person named “Without aLauren reflected that this increase was a joke happening in the month of April at those latitudes: Turns out it was all an April Fools’ Day joke.“.

After the content went viral, Lauren received a series of positive and sympathetic comments from users who commented on her story and offered her their support. “As an HR professional, my manager would fire me on the spot for doing this”; “I work in human resources for a company. Instead of you, I would report Donna to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission” and “What happened to you is a disgrace.” Some of the users’ reactions have been.

Finally, as part of the slogan, many of them decided to report their negative experiences in work environments. “At my job, our annual bonuses are terminated after the new year and instead We had a pizza partyA young woman said while another added: “At my previous job, they made us business cards and at my work They misspelled my name. When I told them, they replied: “Anyway, no one will know you.”


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