One fan imagines re-mastering the classic from EA

The result is astonishing, so will the North American company take note of this player’s desires?

For many users including this server, Need for speed underground It was the gateway to the Electronic Arts racing series, a video game that left a great memory among fans and that has aged well. However, there are those who dream of what a production reconfiguration, or even remaking, could look like 4K y ray tracing.

“Even after nearly two decades, Underground and Underground 2 are among the The best games ever released in the series. Should a new edition be made? While we wait, let me show you what 4K Underground with ray tracing could look like,” Sanadsk offers on YouTube, explaining that this will be the first of several videos aimed at imagining his favorite game editors.

The result is obvious, making us want to go back to the urban and nighttime scenes that the black box created in Need for Speed: Underground in 2003, welcoming the second installment just a year later. Now we just have to wait if EA notices this and decides to bring back and improve this fast-paced racing title that was originally released for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.

El nuevo Need for Speed

The North American company has continued to operate over the past 20 years in the franchise, which has left us with very diverse deliveries and a different reception. The next one will arrive in 2022 with Standard games al frente del nuevo Need for Speed. Details about production are rather scarce, and in fact its creators are currently supporting a very different development, Battlefield 2042.

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If you don’t want to wait until 2022, it was released in 2019 Need for Speed ​​Heat, a video game with a variety of tests, from races, time trials, drifts and off-road tracks that you can learn more about by reading NFS الحرارة Heat Analysis.

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