How to send a message to anyone even if you don’t have a WhatsApp number

WhatsApp has confirmed that it will now be possible Chat without having to dial the number The other person’s phone number. The trick works without the need to install third party apps or download any software from the internet.

At the moment, it works on both Android and iOS devices (i.e. iPhone mobile phones) and is available in option originally. To make use of it, you have to use a qr code It is customized for each user and It’s located inside the app’s settings.

How to talk to anyone on WhatsApp even if you don’t have the number

By following these simple steps, you can chat with any user on WhatsApp without having to call them as a contact.

1- Log in normally The WhatsApp.

2-Go to the section “settings“.

3-Find the QR code that appears next to the profile picture.

4-Zoom the QR code and Request to display the personal code.

5-The user you want to connect with must open your device’s camera and scan whatsapp qr code.

After you initiate the first contact, you can with this trick save contact Without having to know the number, avoiding possible typing errors. Among other things, it is usually very useful when it is not possible to share the number to schedule it.

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