How to extract text from image on cell phone

This option allows you to copy and move text into applications such as emails and messages. (Unsplash)

Today work, study or daily needs push us to do so Digitization of physical content, So we must take the texts in a document to a cell phone to insert them into an email or send them in a message, for example. That’s why brands have developed functions in phones to make this process simple and practical.

Both devices Android Like the iPhone it has a technology known as OCR (OCR), allowing users to not have to use a third-party application to extract text from an image, but rather take advantage of their phone’s camera.

Android users can access this feature thanks to google lens. This application previously came in a version that had to be downloaded independently, but now it is integrated into the phone’s camera and other options such as Chrom And the translator.

This option allows you to copy and move text into applications such as emails and messages. (Google)

lens It allows users to recognize and process text in real-time directly from the camera or taken from any of the images saved on the device, which is useful not only for text extraction, but also for searching for objects or people.

If text is removed from the image, the process is as follows:

1. Open the Photos app on your Android device.

2. Go to the library and find the image that contains the text you want to extract.

3. Open the image, and a message will appear saying: “Copy text from image.”

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4. Click on this option.

5. Google Lens will offer you several options, such as copying the text, searching Google, reading the text aloud, or translating it. Therefore, you must choose what suits each case.

In order for the application to be more accurate in reading the text, it is recommended that the image be well lit and that the letters are clearly visible. It does not matter if they are handwritten, because the platform is able to understand if they are legible.

Manzana It introduced a feature called Live Text on its devices internal control Department Starting from version 15. This feature allowed users to interact with the text in their photos and images. The tool allows you to copy, share, search and translate text from your camera, performing the function of a scanner.

This option allows you to copy and move text into applications such as emails and messages. (Manzana)

This is the process for the specific case of text extraction:

1. Open the Photos app in iPhone.

2. Select the image containing the text to be extracted.

3. When the Live Text icon appears, tap it.

4. Click the Copy All button.

5. At this point it will be possible to paste this text into applications such as Notes, Pages, Messages or other text editing applications.

If you want to extract text directly from a cell phone camera, these are the steps to follow:

1. Open the Camera app.

2. Focus on the document, poster, or item containing the text.

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3. Click the Live Text button when it appears.

4. Several options will appear: copy the text, share it, search for it online, or translate it. You should choose the one that suits you at that moment.

Live text It works well with text from printed documents as well as with handwritten text. For best results, it is recommended that the written content be on a light background, the text be dark and legible, and in good focus if taking the photo.

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