Benjamin Vicuña resurfaced and revealed his emotional status

Benjamin Vicuña at the Persons of the Year Gala.

Benjamin Vicuna Featured in Personalities of the year party From Gente magazine, I spoke with Intruders about him Current emotional state He explained what his priorities are today.

“Are you in a relationship?” They asked the actor, who replied: “I’m not even that far from my boyfriend. I travel alot, “I was in Mexico for a month with my kids, and I was also in San Sebastian.”

Benjamin Vicuña spoke with Intrusos.

“Do you feel it?” The historian insisted, and the Chilean said: “In this sense and Although it may seem selfish, for the first time I am making myself a priority, My kids and my job. It is difficult now to give love a place.

Benjamin Vicuña’s reaction when asked if he was alone or in company

Benjamin Vicuna He had to speak again In an event that happened last Thursday, they asked him if he was alone or in a company, after confirming that he was not in a relationship.

Are you alone or with a company?“They investigated the American program, and he replied, laughing:”I knew…it’s been a busy year Thank God I had the opportunity to accompany my children.”

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