How to exercise your brain: 5 simple no-fail exercises

Sometimes we forget and focus on other parts of our bodies, but brain It is also a muscle and therefore needs us to exercise it.

Failure to do exercises to activate and strengthen it can lead to serious consequences: it may lead to atrophy and may lead to a loss of abilities. So, if you want to keep a file young mind And to improve your memory, concentration, imagination and creativity, you need to start doing these activities that focus on stimulating the work of both hemispheres, which allows to increase the activity of neurons.

these simple exercisesSuggested by the site Hello!, will help you to exercise your brain.

Learn, change, move

Your brain needs work or rest. Every time you learn something new, move the furniture in your home or give your home a new look; When you change the route of work, change the hour hand, try to operate the mouse with the other hand, or use the opposite hand to brush your teeth, you are forcing your brain to work and stress, i.e. to stay active.


We are so used to new technologies that we do very little by hand, which is essential for your brain to stay in good shape.

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Therefore, writing by hand is another essential exercise that you should start doing to maintain a good memory and stop cognitive decline.


It is ideal for a healthy mind. This is because the activities that you are used to, for example, those of your work or household chores, or of course watching TV, do not require much effort on your brain.

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But if you challenge it, it will increase performance, coordination, focus and memory. Exercises like Sudokus, finding the differences, crossword puzzles, mental math, etc. are the activities your brain needs to create new neural connections.

is reading

A study by Peruvian researchers, in which the Complutense University of Madrid participated, showed that people who read less show lower overall cognitive performance. Also, they have lower processing speed, imagination, attention, etc.

It is clear that reading is a very complete activity and a healthy habit, because it improves not only abstract thinking, but also the functional performance and cognitive inventory of the brain, that is, the ability to maintain brain activities over time.

Cultivate friendship

Renowned neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta, author of Stay Aware: Building a Better Brain at Any Age, points out that connecting with others is another essential exercise to keep this organ healthy.

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He stresses that one of the secrets of happy people is having good social relationships and that this helps increase resilience and slow cognitive decline.

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