How to emergency restart your computer using the secret Windows button

Knowing how to restart your computer in an emergency is of vital importance as it avoids situations where your computer is not working properly.

We’ll teach you how to emergency restart your computer using the secret Windows button. First of all, it is not a physical button on the computer, but rather a combination of keys that, when pressed, make the computer display a menu from which to restart the computer.

The key combination is Ctrl + Alt + Del And after doing that, a black screen will appear showing several options, none of which activate the emergency reboot. In order to do that, you will have to Hold down the Ctrl key and click the power icon at the bottom right of the screen.

After doing this what Another black screen will appear indicating that it is an emergency reset. The notification that plays says “Click OK to restart your computer immediately. You will lose all unsaved data. Only use this option as a last resort.”

This is a feature that should not be abused. Since it is intended to restart your computer at specific times, such as when it freezes completely. Also, as the notice states, anything you have on your team open at that time will be lost forever.

How to emergency restart your computer: It’s simple

Windows can be closed in an instant thanks to the use of The key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del This makes it essential to save this feature in case of emergency. It is a useful feature and more when some equipment is arranged in such a way that the reset button is not within reach.

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Of course, in case your device has a physical reset button nearby, you can always hold it until an emergency reboot is performed.. The thing is that this only applies to desktop computers, laptops don’t have a dedicated reset button, and sometimes it can be more practical to use this combination of buttons.

All things considered, you’ve already learned How to emergency restart your computer. There are not many steps and the most striking thing is that since there are only three keys, it is easy to memorize this combination of buttons with which to close Windows easily and quickly. if necessary.

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