Breathe: a portable air purifier that works with plants

Appearance of this Air purifier It is identical to that of the flower pot, but its technology makes it especially amazing because instead of using artificial filters, it uses real plants.

This device, called Respira, uses real plants to clean the air in a room environment just as a natural flower pot does, but with the difference that it does not require specific conditions.

A natural purifier connected to energy

The process that Respira uses is the same as that of the natural system: Biological filtrationThrough which the microorganisms close to the plant roots filter unpleasant odors and chemicals from the environment.

Breathing cleans the environment from unpleasant odors and chemicals.

To use it, 13 plants must be placed at its base, inserted roots, and Through the fans, the device absorbs and filters air, Eliminating dust and other solid particles that float in the environment.

Air It reaches plant roots, Where the chemicals are trapped, and purified by another fan.

During operation The water also evaporates and is then excreted out with the airThus avoiding drought in the environment of some homes.

Respira maintenance is simple, as it includes an LED system that provides necessary lighting for the plants, and It is only necessary to add water every 10 days and fertilizer every 6 months.

The equipment includes an LED system that provides necessary lighting for the stations.

Through a quality sensor that measures the substances in the air, the purifier warns when necessary to activate it, and also sends reports directly to the cell phone showing the health status of plants.

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The purifier, which costs 479 euros without plants and 548 euros with some options that the buyer can choose, will start distributing in June.

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