How to download YouTube videos to computer and cell phone

The free version of this server does not allow you to access your videos offline, so many users use software or applications to save them on their devices. (Reuters/Dado Rovik/)

It is preferred by many YouTube users Demobilization Materials from the Site to your devices for free reproduction at any time and from anywhere, whether from your computers or mobile devices.

Below we provide several alternatives to download YouTube videos:

It is possible to download YouTube videos from a computer and mobile device. (Getty Images)

Those who want to store YouTube content on their computers can easily do so through various free websites.

This provides the advantage of not installing software or apps to download videos, which may take up unnecessary space on your computer.

To do that:

-Open your web browser and go to the YouTube video download website. Some examples include “Save”, “Y2Mate”, “Online video converter” And “segment converter”.

– These sites allow you to download YouTube videos by copying and pasting the file URL From the video.

– On YouTube, choose the video you want to download and copy the link from the browser address bar.

– On the video download site, paste the URL into the field provided and click on the download button.

– A list of formats and resolutions available for download may be displayed. Choose the option you prefer and click on the corresponding download link.

– The video will be downloaded to your computer

JDownloader It is a program available for download on Windows, Mac And linux, which allows you to download YouTube videos to your computer. To use it, you must go to its official website and install it on ComputerThis is done by following the steps presented by the site.

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Its use is simple: it only requires an Internet connection and the URL of the desired content to be included in the search field of your operating system.

It is possible to save YouTube videos to any mobile device using applications designed specifically for this task. From Android mobile phones, you can access applications com. newpipe And com. snaptube.

Those with iOS operating systems have software available such as uYouPlus And TubeMate Download to your devices.

The steps to follow depend on each of these applications. In general, its operation is similar to that of web pages, which requires entering the YouTube video URL. The downloaded files are collected in the mobile phone gallery.

Downloading videos from YouTube may violate copyright and violate the platform’s terms of service, unless you have permission to do so or the video is under a public domain license such as Creative Commons.

In addition, some video downloading sites and apps may contain intrusive ads or malware, so it is important to be extremely careful when using these services.

By purchasing the monthly subscription service, you can access multiple functions such as watching ad-free videos and exclusive content on the platform.

Likewise, every user beloved From YouTube, you can download clips to your mobile device to play them at any time and without the need to connect to the Internet. These contents can be viewed for 29 days, and if you want to continue playing, you must re-sync.

To use this function, you must perform the following steps:

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– Download the application and log in from the premium account.

– Find the video you want to get and choose the “Download” icon below it.

– When the download is complete, this icon appears black and the content is ready for offline playback.

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