How to become part of the development team in Silicon Valley

At the same time, human capital in Latin America is highly competitive, well trained and, unlike in other locations such as Asian countries, it can operate in time zones similar to those in the United States.

Today, a developer from Latin America has excellent opportunities to join projects of great importance and global scope. And although the primary motivation is to do it according to the independent working method, there is a more solid and stable alternative with greater benefits: officially join the team of the organization in which you will work with the support of a company that provides managed services teleworking services.

This gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility and independence of working from your home with the security and inclusion of being part of a group of people with whom you can work collaboratively, discuss alternatives, or solve problems.Problems that arise.

Although this process may differ from company to company, in general, if a developer wants to be part of an engineering team of high-potential companies based in the United States, following this innovative model, the stages they must go through can be summed up Below:

1. Initial interview

The first interview in which a simple development exercise is conducted: Basically, you act as a candidate to determine the applicant’s minimum technical abilities. We call this meeting a complete testBecause it allows obtaining a general and superficial view of the talents of the applicants.

2- Direct Encoding

Those who pass the first stage reach the second step, which is always conducted through a video chat, where they are given a technical interview and a more complex task: completing the algorithm directly. (live encoding) To calculate a specific problem and get a result.

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At this meeting, a key figure appears for the future relationship of the developer who is progressing with the work team he will be part of: a professional who accompanies him in developing his career and helps him achieve his goal. within the organization in which he works.

3. Soft skills

If the first two stages are successfully passed, the management interview is reached, focusing on soft skills. Today, software development is a critical task for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Applications and data management are at the heart of all organizations and are increasingly important with the digital transformation of businesses.

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