“Uncovering science” will bring the progress of research in Granada and the world closer to its citizens

The A mixture of science, entertainment and humor For all fans will meet in Grenade next one May 27 and 28 mark Eighth edition face to face from “Uncover the science”whose program consists of More than seventy promoters, Contacts and researchers from all over Spain.

The central events of this event will be hosted by Isabella catholic theater It will be the portal for the public who wants to know the latest scientific developments from Granada and Spain Free. In a new head-to-head edition, the science diffusion cycle will once again merge Knowledge of curiosity, humor and entertainment Through short conversations.

Mayor of Granada Francisco Cuencawith the Deputy Director of the Andalusian Institute of Astrophysics (IAA-CSIC), Elizabeth Marques; Vice Rector for University Guidance and Heritage at the University of Granada, Victor MedinaHe was responsible for presenting the media session.

For an Alderman, City of Granada”take on her own identityout of a sense of pride in the knowledge created here”, and believes that holding this event is an “almost mandatory step” so that we Granadas “know what we have, We believe in our ability and capabilitiesAnd that affects our way of life.”

“The theater Isabel La Cattolica has thus become a place of publicity for the scientific projects and the men and women who carry them out, and to see how much they help the citizens. This is the commitment of Granada, of the Science Roundtable, and I want Invite the people of Granada to come to discover what is going on in their city and how it affects them‘, may be worth it.

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For his part, the Vice President of the University confirmed that this science and research are proven “It gets us out of a lot of trouble.”This should be valued as a community that “has the capacity to investigate, and is able to move forward”.

Until now, the results of projects were published in the scientific field, but now We must reach the population and make it more useful. There is tremendous progress in scientific outreach initiatives and “Uncovering Science” is one such initiative. We achieve the goalAnd this is for the sake of bringing science to society,” Victor Medina commented.

The Deputy Director of the IAA assessed that the Covid-19 pandemic “has shown us research importanceHe considered it very important to highlight the advances in science that had been made, “And we do this also by making women visible in science.”.

“At IAA we have this profession, We think we should tell the audience what we’re doingBecause it is our duty, because we have to contextualize a city prepared for challenges, and we have to “educate” the citizens.

Este año, en el que la edición usa la estética ‘steam-punk’ (movimiento de la ciencia fición sobre como se imaginaba en el siglo XVIII nuestra actualidad), participarán algunos de los rostros con mayor experiencia de la com How do Gene-editing expert Luis Montoliunuclear energy publisher Alfredo Garcia, mathematician Clara Grima, Comedian and underworld Raquel Sastre Or psychologist Ramon Nogueras.

The public will also have the opportunity to discover a diverse and fascinating sample of the scientific production of Various points of Andalusia Reported by the researchers themselves. Researchers from the University of Granada, such as archaeologist and vice rector for equality, Margherita Sánchez, statistician Pedro Antonio Garcia, chemist María de la Luz Cadiz or professor of artificial intelligence and Science and Innovation Adviser to the Granada City Council Francisco Herrera.

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As a prelude to this event, they organized it Prize competitionsDigital meetings through social networks and a face-to-face training course on scientific communication. In addition, it is still open Virtual outreach conferences in Twitter threads and TikTok videoswhich has more than sixty participants so far.

Will also give third book fair and second game fair Vote for authors of popular books and games Learn and interact with them live and from home.

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