How much does it cost and how to get it in Argentina

We know that metals have historically been among the favorites of investors, but why?

Recently, the United States went through a crisis in its financial system as a result of the collapse of some famous banks. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies have shown high volatility in recent years, reaching highs of $68,789 at the end of 2021 and then dropping to $16,537 to close 2022.

With this data in mind, we can confirm that gold was the only asset that managed to not only maintain its value, but also increase its value.

Getting minerals in our country is easy, fast and safe. At Leiva Joyas, a famous jewelry store dedicated to buying and selling gold for 50 years, they have innovated Bars of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 grams.

All of them, like other products of the brand, are delivered with an attachment A legal certificate of metal quality valid for lifeTherefore, your purchases are 100% safe.

Advantages of investing in minerals:

They don’t stand out just for who they are stabilitybut there are also other elements that benefit them when choosing them over other assets.

Among these; the Acceptance And the high demand, For example. Regarding the first, we can say that metals are widely accepted because they are the currency that humanity has chosen for thousands of years, and therefore, their value is recognized in all cultures. Regarding the high demand, it should be noted that unlike fiat currencies or virtual currencies, the metal also acts as a raw material, so we are sure that there will always be a sector that needs it.

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Another feature that benefits them is Easy acquisition; At Leiva Joyas they have shipments all over the country, in case the bullion gets through Shop online They also provide storage service within the jewelry store. How to access this service?

“We understand that leaving bars at home today may be unsafe for some. That is why we have designed an app where our customers can store the bars they want inside our jewelry store” the sales people tell us and add that “to access this option it is not necessary to have a number of Grams to be exact. They can pick it up with alloys of one gram.” Finally, they clarified that “the service is free and for an indefinite period.”

New application to monitor your bullion! (1).mp4

If you want to start investing in metals, the specialists at Leiva Joyas will give you customized advice keeping your goals in mind.

In addition, you can refer to the free storage of your products within your salon in 24-hour security.

“By offering bars of 1 gram, more and more people ask us about this type of investment” they tell us and add “we always say that investing in gold is” easy, fast and safe “and we do it with the certainty that it is so. From Leiva Joyas we advise and accompany every client of our customers in every part of the process.”

To contact the jewelry team, send WhatsApp to 1123392643, and if you want to know the value of the bars, go to their website by clicking click here.

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