How is the time zone by region

“These conditions will be maintained over the weekend, with temporary improvements. The height of the rivers and streams in the Andes has also been maintained,” the association said.

In the Mountain chain the Heavy rain until Monday. In the northwest of the Neuquén and Colorado river basins, precipitation will be heavy over the next 48 hours. From Monday, there may be snow in the high mountains.


Between Cordilleras Digitalis

In the the valleysThis Saturday, the weather temporarily improves. There will be periods of sun and mild weather. but Towards tonight and Sunday morning, moderate rain returns. Meanwhile, I note that the weather will be good and stable from Monday. The temperature begins to drop and a light frost is expected in the middle of the week.

In the plateau Time will go on Unstable over the weekend, with moderate to heavy rain. A temporary improvement is expected next Saturday, and on Monday the weather conditions will improve with sunshine and cold nights.

towards the coast (From Río Negro) AIC score predictions abundant cloudy. The weather will be unstable. There is a chance of light rain. However, conditions will improve until Monday, with a gradual rise in temperatures and a decrease in the prevailing clouds in that region.

Reservoir flow aic 01.png

Route 39 from Andacollo cut.mp4

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