How did countries that abolish mandatory outdoor use do?

After a year and a half, the chin strap or mask has become One of the symbols of the global coronavirus pandemic. Health Minister Carla Vizzotti’s announcement that the mandatory outdoor use of the chin strap will end continues to spark delight, confusion and counterpoint with some opposition leaders.

Yesterday the national official had to come out to clarify the matter and said, “This is not the time to let go of the chin strap. Argentina does not leave the chin strap, the only thing that has been done is to reduce the mandatory use of the open mouth coverWithout people around it, there is no epidemic risk.”

How is the global scene and how was the fare of countries that took measures of this kind. in european summer, Many of them came forward to kill him In closed places and then retreated with the advent of winter:

Israel: April 18th Elimination of the mandatory chin strap on the streets. Two months later, the Ministry of Health announced that citizens can take off their chin strap also inside.
However, the arrival of the more contagious type of Delta has forced the government to step back and re-use indoor face masks.

United StateAlso in April, health authorities announced that people would be vaccinated with two doses They can go out again without masks. A month later, they announced that the masks could stop indoors. And it was: “Anyone who has been fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large and small, without the need to wear a mask or maintain physical distance.”
then with the arrival delta variable Vaccination stagnation They once again requested that the vaccinated people wear a chin strap In public and indoor spaces in most parts of the country, as well as in schools, amid a wave of infections and hospitalizations.

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France: In June, outdoor mask use is no longer mandatory, although it remains in indoor spaces, schools and public transportation. In the face of the fourth wave of Covid due to the delta variable, the government of Emmanuel Macron imposed health passport In order to increase vaccination rates.

United kingdom: It was in July when Boris Johnson’s government implemented the end of many restrictions, including restrictions on the use of masks even indoors or on public transport, even as the country was at the height of a delta-variable wave. Now with the arrival of the cold Do not rule out re-enforcement of the use of the mask And health passports to get to very crowded places.

SpainMonths ago, the Spanish Prime Minister announced the end of the use of masks in the open air. As of June 26, they are no longer carried in public. But a month later, an explosion in delta-type cases linked to tourism forced authorities to give in Reverse in different provinces How do Catalonia, the Basque Country and the Balearic Islands.
For now, the recommendation to always wear a mask, both indoors and outdoors while the vaccination is in progress, remains in effect.

Portugal: The Portuguese authorities announced 10 days ago The mandatory use of face masks on the streets has been lifted. However, residents will have to continue to take it on public transportation, classrooms, stores and entertainment venues, such as movie theaters.

Denmark: In June, Denmark became the first European country to abolish the mandatory use of masks indoors, a measure that was extended to public transport in August. On September 10, the government stated that Epidemic ‘under control’ Most restrictions are lifted.

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