Honoring the four A Coruña firefighters who have triumphed in the Canadian Olympic Games

During the competition, Agustín Barreiro, Pablo Segade, Rubén Prado and Álvaro Gómez all climbed to the podium winners in the disciplines of swimming, bench press, masters and rowing, among others.

The four firefighters from A Coruña who participated in the latest edition of the World Police and Fire GamesThe Police and Fire Olympics held in Winnipeg (Canada) were honored on Wednesday at the A Coruña City Council.

during the competition, Agustin Barrero, Pablo Seged, Ruben Prado, Alvaro Gomezclimbed to the podium winners in the majors Swimming, Bench, MR and Rowing, among others. The four are part of the Agrilla Municipal Park team.

The act was attended by the Citizen Security Adviser, Peace of the beastaccompanied by a sports advisor, Manuel Vasquez. that put in value “The effort and commitment of two of the four representatives who have represented the city of La Coruña and, by extension, Galicia, in this global sporting competition, or that represents a source of pride for all of us”.

Citizenship training

It should be noted that Firefighters in A Coruña They provide training in fire prevention and action to neighboring entities and owner communities. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the measures and guidelines that must be followed, for example, to prevent fires in the home. Interested neighboring communities and associations Attending talks can draft their requests through the various public records of the City Council.

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