HMS Prince of Wales heads to the United States

Pioneer HMS Prince of Wales Subordinate Royal Navy He makes a decisive flight to the United States, aiming to redefine the paradigm of naval aviation.

to publish HMS Prince of Wales: A revolution in maritime operations

Britain’s largest warship has begun its autumn voyage, on its longest deployment. During this flight, the integration of aircraft carrier operations with drones, fifth-generation stealth fighters, helicopters and helicopters will be explored. This mission seeks to change the methodology that… Royal Navy Manages aircraft carrier strike groups.

After passing through the English Channel, cooperation with the company takes place Autonomous systems It will allow testing the use of drones in logistics, facilitating deliveries of up to 100 kg to ships on the high seas. This innovation could eventually replace expensive marine helicopters for some missions.

Once they reach American soil, the stealth fighters will take off F-35B To expand the operational boundaries of fifth generation aircraft in the UK.

Optimizing operations with the F-35B

the fighter F-35B, which has already undergone rigorous evaluations in both the US and the UK, will be central to this rollout. Despite five years of operations from the aircraft carriers of Royal NavyHowever, gray areas still exist in its operability and capacity, which this mission seeks to clarify.

It is expected at the end of the trip HMS Prince of Wales Implemented advanced drone operating technologies, expanding range and efficiency F-35B and increase the operability of the inclined plane MV-22 Osprey From the US Marine Corps.

Team captain Richard Hewitt And the leader Martin Russell They expressed their enthusiasm and willingness to face the challenges and opportunities presented by this deployment.

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Advances in take-off and landing tactics

One focus will be improving the aircraft’s take-off and landing techniques F-35Allowing a faster and loaded return to the aircraft carrier. This means reducing the time between missions and increasing the ship’s firepower.

In addition, we will endeavor to run F-35 In the most difficult marine conditions, which confirms its durability in difficult environments.

Hence, attention will be paid to the next generation of short take-off and landing UAVs, especially UAVs. MojaveDesigned to operate from low runways or flight decks.

Integration into MV-22 Osprey And the vision for the future

The final phase of the US deployment will focus on expanding the aircraft’s operational capabilities MV-22 Ospreys From the Marine Corps. These unique devices play a crucial role in logistics and mobility.

Expanding the ship’s operational capabilities with all of these aircraft will set a precedent for future missions, culminating in the global deployment of the aircraft. HMS Prince of Wales In 2025.

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