Hexfit, the leading program in Canada and France, is now available in Spanish for personal trainers and health professionals in Spain

With a library of over 11,000 exercises, Hexfit is software designed to make the task of creating long-term programs, training sessions, and workout recipes with multiple options easier. In a simple and fast way, Hexfit allows to plan training, design, large bikes, medium bikes and mini bikes with the desired characteristics and make them visible to customers.

With over 11,000 exercises with videos for customers’ mobile apps, exercise graphics to print or create a PDF of the exercise.

Focus on personal trainers

Hexfit, the leading program in Canada and France, is now available in Spanish for the community of personal trainers and health professionals in Spain.

Hexfit is a tool to facilitate all kinds of assessments or tests, which will create a visual and simple graph for trainers and clients to monitor results. From logging body composition data, or general data such as height or motivation level, to more specific data such as fasting insulin level or HDL cholesterol. It will also be possible to record all kinds of tests performed for clients, from balance test with eyes open, functional monitor movement (FMS), 10m sprint, to lactic capacity or Dixon index.

With Hexfit, trainers will be able to offer their clients an app that allows them to follow closely, even if they train many people at the same time, their clients will feel like they are just training it, and it will allow clients to feel connected without invading the coaches’ space and time.

And if you’re doing group training, Hexfit will allow you to monitor the people who are part of the group, will allow you to create goals and create challenges for people in the group, and even make video calls or send messages to the entire group.

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Hexfit has tools that allow for two-way communication, where customers can send in from basic things, like the weight they’re using in a workout, to show which training is being monitored with which activity device.

The Hexfit mobile app will allow customers to connect to Strava, Polar, Garmin, Suunto, etc…
Hexfit will allow personal trainers to save time, take a qualitative and professional leap, as well as bring them closer to all their clients as if they only had one.

To make the leap and get the ultimate tool for personal trainers, in Hexfit they accompany and help them achieve it.

A demo can be requested by writing to [email protected] Or by calling 618081841.

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