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In my weekly commentary with Adriana Pérez Cañedo at Enfoque Noticias, I outline the various efforts being made in the world to apply fact-checking information review to avoid falling into misinformation generated by the use of artificial intelligence.

In my post it said something like this:

“During these weeks I was going through an almost existential crisis because as a result of all this AI I now said I would dedicate myself because intelligence is supposed to do our work. But I seem to have found or found some way out.

It is journalism that verifies data or verifies lies. And this is a new form of journalism and some already see the future because not only is it a result of the advent of artificial intelligence, which has already become so overwhelming, but since humans have already started spreading disinformation.

I think this is the alternative. Now that’s going to be our job, to fact-check information, and there’s a lot of effort that’s already being done, using both artificial intelligence and human intelligence, so that disinformation doesn’t grow, well, last week it was very clear with these fake photos of Trump being arrested, and Putin Kisses the hand of Xi Jinping, the Pope.

Pope Francis saw it and said it’s good for technology but be careful.

actually. You have to be careful because if it is not obviously false information. So false information and false perception are created. So this verification there is an international effort. In Europe there is the European Observatory for Digital Media, and in the United States there is one called the Information Checker Network, and there is also another global one that is represented there in several countries, and it is a consortium of international media and it is dedicated to that called The Trust Project, and it is present in Belgium, Brazil, Canada and many from other countries.

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