He’s from Canada, fell in love with a Uruguayan and made an album to commemorate that story – TVshow – 03/19/2022

If there is a beautiful story and that story is, in some way, an inexplicable magical ingredient, then it is likely that love is hidden behind a mystery. or how it’s done Canadian artist Getting an album recording with Uruguayan musicians and something from the Uruguayan voice itself?

For love. Of course it certainly is.

Annabelle Chvostick, 48, is a Toronto singer, songwriter and producer who has been in a relationship with Ximena for more than 13 years, a Uruguayan who at some point in her life settled on Canadian soil. Together they traveled almost a year to the Río de la Plata, and on one of those trips he met one of his wife’s lifelong friends, Ferdinand Rose.

Rosa is also a musician: violinist and producer, a member of El Club de Tobi and the cultural exchange with Annabelle was natural and immediate.

“We immediately got in touch with music and over time he introduced me to a lot of great music, many great musicians,” Chvostik told El País. “He brought me Tango Carlos Gardel, and at the same time we shared our appreciation for teams like The Velvet Underground and Violent Femmes, so we had many meeting points. From the beginning we had a common language.”

Before Gardel, speaking of Velvet, before the roots, he heard Chvostek Los Estómagos perform “Cambalache” in a punk key or post-punk key. He listened to an armed Leo and found him “jovial, critical, flowery, curious.” And I listened to the record well matched De Ricacusa’s mix of four guitars, humor and scenes from contemporary life, and “really,” he says, fell in love with that sound.

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And for this reason, too, this is a love story.

What started with Ximena and then expanded with Fernando Rosa, quickly translated into music. The Uruguayan singer invited to play Bandunion for her album rise In 2012, he shared some shows with him and eventually embarked on the a . project a new album.

the result is pearl chainthe material he released last year and which was partially recorded at Sondor Studios in Montevideo, with various Uruguayan instrumentalists.

He will present it live tomorrow at 8:00 pm in the Zavala Muniz Hall at the Solis Theatre, as part of the Tide cycle Organized by Sala Zitarrosa (temporarily closed). There are tickets at Tickantel.

“We are very excited to present this album the way it was meant to be heard, with strings, brass, woodwinds and vocal harmony,” sums up Chvostek. She will be accompanied by 16 Uruguayan musicians directed by Rosa. Samantha Navarro will open in the evening.

The night will feature folklore, jazz, tango and other rhythms and styles that tell, from music, this love story that united Canada with Uruguay.

– She recently released a version of “Dance Me To The End of Love”, written by Leonard Cohen, one of the best Canadian singer-songwriters. Do you know any connection between Canadian and Uruguayan music?

—I think Leonard Cohen represents a creative presence in Canada similar to that of Alfredo Zitrosa here. They both write incredibly deep words, illuminating a difficult truth, and painting poetry that can carry us through hardships with great grace, and keep us in touch with the beauty of things. I think the songwriting tradition is very strong in both places. In terms of music, it was interesting discovering Manouche jazz here in Uruguay and then finding my own community in Toronto that shares this musical language.

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– How do you know pearl chain And what does that mean at this point in your career?

pearl chain It is the culmination of over a decade of learning about Uruguayan musical culture and enjoying musical explorations with Fernando. This recording differs from previous discs in that it is much more collaborative in writing and arranging the songs, and that the collaborative nature helped turn some of the initial ideas I was collecting into something much bigger than I ever imagined. I wanted to connect more and more with the musical world I was watching, and Fernando was the perfect collaborator to make that happen. This album is the culmination of all these years of contact with him and with Uruguay.

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