He works in a store and reveals the reason for washing the new clothes he buys

The video spread on social media. (Tik Tok: @therrodriguez)

Factor of A Clothing store in Spain He sparked controversy on social media by sharing simple advice that often goes unnoticed: Wash new clothes before wearing them, no matter how flawless it appears. This employee’s explanation, shared in a TikTok video under the user @therrodriguez, sparked endless reactions and reflections.

In the video, the young woman revealed a series of practices that she has followed since she started working in the fashion field. Starting with her top tips, @therrodriguez emphasized the importance of washing clothes before wearing them, even if they are newly purchased. The reason is clear: People trying on clothes in the store may not be as clean as they appear, and it is best to prevent unpleasant surprises..

“Friends, wash it. Listen to me. People are trying it and they are the people who It smells really bad. “It is a recommendation I am making to you,” said the young woman, “either take it or leave it.”

Surprising advice from a clothing store employee in Spain. (Tik Tok: @therrodriguez)

In addition to her tips for washing new clothes, she shared other secrets from her practical experience. Among them is the importance Save receipts virtually. According to her, this practice avoids losing tickets and wasting time searching for them.

But it’s not just about laundry and receipts, as the young woman also addressed the issue of shopping hours and her experiences with customers. According to her, the hours until the store closes can be a challenge, as the influx of people often increases, which can be stressful for employees.

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“The people walking in at that time have no words. I realize it’s probably your only moment of free time, but for the people in the store, trying to hold it up, touching everything when there are so many people… it’s very stressful,” he said. “I never go to the stores at 9:30 p.m. or around those hours.”

This Spanish woman’s testimony spread very quickly, garnering more than 450,000 views on the TikTok application and sparking various reactions among users. Some spoke in favor of her advice, while others shared their own experiences related to customer service at fashion stores in the comments section.

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