He will start a malpractice lawsuit after he is accepted

Romina Gaetani was hospitalized on Friday in Basterica Clinic Due to respiratory complications, apparently due to bronchitis, he was later temporarily discharged. But now, his attorney, Ignacio Trimarco, detailed in partners Displays They will investigate Possible misconduct of the sanatorium.

Although the actress is at home and will have another consultation at another medical centre, the lawyer noted Gitani’s poor health and specified that they would investigate possible malpractice: “Our team of experts analyzes the medical history in relation to the medications that were provided to him.”

He added: “It could have led to a crisis and that is exactly what our doctors will try to determine, to see if it was correct or not for the drawing she had“.

Romina Gitani

In addition, he delved into the state of health of the accused. “Romina is fine, stable, with very little air and it is very difficult for her to speak,” and added, “She made it clear to me that she should pass this order to provide peace of mind and remove doubts.”.

Then he explained whether action could be taken against the clinic where he was admitted to the hospital. “Yes, you have to be carefulTrimarch replied.

He concluded his speech by saying: “The first thing is Romina’s health, she is fine. We’ll see if we have to do something or not. God wants this to come to naught and there is no distasteful behavior.”

Promena Gaetani was promptly recognized and worried: what happened

actress Romina Gitani alarmed her Instagram followers by sharing a video from a clinicWith an explanation of the reasons for its acceptance.

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Through his Instagram stories, Romina Gaetani He showed the sensors on his wrist and explained that his condition required medical attention. He commented in this regard:Finally, it has happened. TRUE? My saturation level seems to be insufficient, so a stay in the hospital doesn’t seem to hurt. Oh, my God!“.


Similarly, in another post on Saturday, the actress informed her followers about it He did not develop a picture of pneumoniaAnd bring good news about his health. At the same time, Thank you for your messages of support She stated that she was accompanied by her family and good care in Basterica Hospital.

Gitani humorously recalled: “My organized boyfriend didn’t show up, but hey, maybe he’ll take me on a wheelchair ride for some more studyThe actress’s followers are looking forward to receiving more updates about her health and Sending you messages of encouragement while you’re in the hospital.

Romina Gitani

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