NFL owners agree to record sale to Washington Chiefs

ESPN.comJul 20, 2023, 4:59 p.mReading: 4 minutes.

The NFL’s board of directors on Thursday approved the sale of Daniel Snyder’s Washington franchise to Josh Harris.

A new era officially begins for Washington leaders.

This Thursday, owners nfl The transfer of the concession was unanimously approved Daniel Snyder of the group he heads Josh Harris For the figure reported at $6,050 million, the club’s mark nfl Adam Schefter reported from ESPN, Quoting a periodic source.

Harris He is from a district Washington, DC.which is the owner of the majority in Philadelphia Seventy Sixers affiliate NBA and the New Jersey Devils affiliate NHL. It is also a contributor to Crystal Palace English football.

The transfer of the Washington leaders for $6,050 million marked a new record for an American sports franchise.Getty Images

Previously, he was a minority shareholder in Pittsburgh Steelersthe interest he had to give up in order to obtain leaders. In 2022, he leads a group that attempts a buyout Chelsea affiliate Premier League English. In addition, he unsuccessfully tried to get New York Mets affiliate MLB. Harris It also owns a minority stake in Joe Gibbs Racingthe motorsports team managed by what is considered the most successful coach in franchise history Washington What do you buy now? Harris.

In the nflAnd Harris Was interested in getting Denver Broncosbefore being bought by a led group Rob Walton in 2022.

with obtaining leadersAnd Harris He will now finally get a majority stake in the franchise nfl. Forbes estimates a fortune Harris $6.5 billion.

“congratulations for Josh Harris and its wonderful group of partners,” said Commissioner NFL Roger Goodell, it’s a statement. “Josh It would be a great addition to nfl. He has an impressive record in business, sports and in his communities. Miscellaneous collected Josh It is well known for its business expertise and strong relationships in Washingtonand welcome to nflalso.

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“… I know he has a commitment to winning on the pitch, but also to running an organization that everyone can be proud of and making positive contributions to society.”

As part of a new contributor group led by Harrisalso including a member NBA Hall of Famer Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson; Former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt; The financier is of Colombian descent Alexandre Saint Dominic.

There are 20 limited partners in a group Harrisless than the 25 limit you impose nfl. Each partner must be approved for financial and security reasons.

The deal ends a period of significant disruption for the franchise WashingtonAbout a year and a half after adoption.leadersas its new name, and after two years of working as Washington Football Teamleaving behind an offensive and racist name, especially to the Native American population.

Snyder The club has been embroiled in numerous legal incidents, including accusations of harassment, sexual harassment, financial misconduct and a toxic work culture. the nfl At least two investigations have begun leaders In recent years, in addition to the fact that an investigation has been initiated by the United States Congress into the team.

During the session before the owners of the league, A.J nfl The results of the investigation conducted by the former public prosecutor revealed Mary Jo WhiteAt the request of the Association itself for its work culture leadersAs a result, a fine of $60 million was imposed on Snyder. The results of the investigation, which lasted “17 months and included interviews with dozens of witnesses,” according to the association’s statement, were publicly published by nfl in the same day.

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In the 24 seasons Snyder as your owner, Washington Recorded six playoff appearances, two postseason wins, and no postseason appearances NFC Championship Game10 different coaches, 27 different starting quarterbacks, and a . 427 winning percentage that ranks 27th in the league. nfl. The club last won a post-season game in 2005.

Off the field, things weren’t any better. last year , leaders They were the last time in nfl In percentage of tickets sold and last time in average attendance per game.

Snyder It acquired the club in May 1999 for $800 million in a transaction that included Jack Kent Cook Stadiumtoday fedex fieldhouse leaders. At the time, it was the largest sports franchise operation in the United States. Twenty-four years later, Washington Once again he set a record as the largest deal by a sports club in the United States. This is roughly a 700 percent return on your initial investment.

Information from Adam Schefter and John Kim was used in writing this story.

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