He was playing at school and found an 1800 year old coin

a Eight years old boy He was playing in his school yard garden in the city Bremen, when he suddenly found something silver that caught his attention. Later, when analyzing this item, archaeologists discovered that it was Silver coin, about 1,800 years old. Although the little one found it Historical treasure In August 2022, details of the discovery were released at a press conference last Friday.

Bjarnewhich is the name of the boy who found the coin, first emailed a photo of his find to archaeologists in the state of Bremen. But the images weren’t high enough for scientists to know what it was. For this reason, the experts asked the boy to see for himself what he found.

The boy was playing in his school garden when he suddenly came across the coin that scientists were trying to identify and classify.Brisant capture

So, with a detailed analysis, experts in ancient things were able to see what they had saved Bjarne It was from the garden Ancient Roman denarius formulated in the second century AD.

According to what the State Antiquities Authority says BremenAnd Utah Haley At the press conference he reproduced Mediterranean Ruhr German cuisine The piece weighs less than an ounce (1 troy ounce = 28.35 grams), so it is thought to have been minted in times of inflation, when coins were made of less silver than in more stable times. “It was mixed with cheaper copper,” Haley said. Originally, a dinar weighed twice as much as a piece found.

The 8-year-old boy found in his school garden turns out to be a dinar from the second century of the Roman EmpireCapture / Bresan

Because of the antiquity of the coin, it is known that It was made during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who ruled the Roman Empire from 161 to 180 AD. The funny thing is that the area of ​​northern Germany where the denarius was found was not part of the empire. For this reason, the coin found is thought to be very unusual in this part of the world and it is not known how it got there.

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speculation about How this coin ended up is off limits affiliate Roman Empire There are many. Specialists believe the piece was swept away by a river current across the borders of what was then the Western Roman Empire.

The coin found by Bjarne is 1,800 years oldBremen Senate for Culture

The other possibility is that The currency had crossed the borders of the empire for trade, or as spoils for some robberies, or as payment for some mercenary soldiers who fought for Rome. Also, it is possible that some travelers from ancient times may have transported the coin as a souvenir.

According to archaeologist Halley, this coin is a kind of “very special” find. He noted that in Bremen, there were only two finds of coins from the Roman Empire: one was found in the 1930s and the other in the second half of the 20th century.

Meanwhile, little Bjarne He stated that he was happy to find the coin, and also happy to display it soon at the National Museum Bremen State Museum of Art, History and Culture, and the Focke Museum. “The piece can stay there and I can go and see it at any time,” the boy said at the same press conference where the denarius was introduced, where he was present and addressed reporters as another archaeologist.


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