GTA VI: A leak reveals how ambitious the title is; Fans are excited

Rock star It has not been revealed yet Grand Theft Auto VIBut no one doubts that it will be so The most ambitious installment of the saga Which the study will use Latest technology to be made. In fact, some recent leaks reveal interesting details in this regard.

Fans waiting for the title decided to analyze again The title suffered from leaks At the end of last year. Thanks to this, they found and analyzed a debug menu that reveals some supposed properties of their world, their NPCs, and more.

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The leak reveals how ambitious he is GTA VI

According to the details, the debug menu is linked to artificial intelligence. Fans found that the title will use a system called ProceduralMotion, which will allow for dynamic animations that may change depending on the context.

Likewise, they found references to tools like EmotionalLocoRequests, expressions, and gestures, suggesting that NPCs will have a new level of expressions and movements. The information also indicates that NPCs will have advanced artificial intelligence, which will generate a more realistic and dynamic world.

The menu contains a function called AnimalIntelligence, which indicates that the animals we see will also have more complex behavior. On the other hand, there is an option called AIMemory, which can indicate that human NPCs will remember certain player actions which will determine what kind of interactions there will be.

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There are elements that have caused some confusion among players, as everything indicates that NPCs will be able to smell the scent of the main characters and other NPCs. This may be related to some mechanisms that have not been confirmed.

Finally, there are hints of a possible faction system and another that would make the game’s locations dynamic, as they will change over time depending on what’s happening in the title’s world.

While this is interesting information, it is not known for certain whether all of these items will be in the final version of the game. It is important to remember that the data is from a leaked initial version, so nothing is guaranteed. Despite this, fans waiting for the title are very excited.

GTA VI will have a very complete and dynamic world

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