A giant wave surprised and swept away dozens of swimmers in Rio de Janeiro On Leblon beach

On a sunny and quiet day in Iconium leblon beach, in Rio de JaneiroAn unusual surprise angered swimmers and tourists. Last Sunday, around three in the afternoon.A giant wave suddenly appeared Create a moment of despair and wonder.

On Sunday afternoon, the Cariocas were enjoying a quiet sunny day on the famous Leblon Beach, when they were surprised by an unusual phenomenon: Sea level rose unexpectedly A giant wave formed off the coast.

This huge wave Surprised swimmers Who enjoyed the water or were in the sand, He pulled them with great force into the sea. Some managed to get out on their own, while… Others had to be saved By rescuers.

The impact of this giant wave was not limited to the beach only, as it was water He invaded the sidewalk and bike path and even entered the surrounding streets, Which raised surprise and concern among local residents.

In the face of this unusual situation, the maritime authorities issued a warning statement to the population, warning Waves reaching a height of up to 3 and a half meters reach the coastThis created a state of alert in the local community.

Investigations into the causes of this unusual giant wave are still underway, and the authorities are expected to take the necessary measures. Additional measures To ensure the safety of future swimmers.

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