Lead a revolution with this retro action game, available free on GOG for a limited time

Tonight We Riot is available on the digital platform free of charge until May 2nd.

This is one of those news announcements free games. It doesn’t hurt to increase our game library without scratching our pockets, and enjoying the entertainment is probably unexpected. On this occasion, it is promoted to users Gog, The digital platform of CD project, Which offers for a limited time a weird action game with a rather surprising retro aesthetic.

The game proposes revolutions in search of luxury in front of capitalist societyYou can now download the game Tonight we riot From GOG, in 48 hours, because it’s only available until May 2. The Game description Indicates that he is a reactionary gritty that relies on huge fights, in a A miserable situation where the capitalists are They control the elections, the media and the lives of the workers. Therefore, it remains only to accept it or fight for something better, as stated in the summary itself.

The game does not have a “one hero”, but rather you control the movement of people whose future and well-being depends on success The proposed colossal revolution. Obviously, it is a game with clear political overtones, and at the same time it looks very funny, both for its original battles with tons of characters on the screen and in a unique style.

As we progress, we gain new weapons, equipment, and perks that help us advance. She also has Local co-op mode and a lot of humor. In the description of the game they say that we can count on the help of dogs or even kaijus. That doesn’t sound bad.

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